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Malaysian Intervarsity Games 2019

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The Malaysian Intervarsity Games 2019 were held recently at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG). DBS’ own Malaysian Society travelled to the City of the Tribes to partake in both Indoor Futsal (5 a side) and Badminton.

The event was organised by the Malaysian Society of NUIG. Previous and current committee members connected within their community and worked together to make the trip happen.

DBS participant Harris Bin Fazir caught up with us to give his take on the intervarsity challenge, “The event was organized by the Malaysian Society of Galway. In order to gain more support, they contacted us to attend. I was quite surprised that most of our community members were interested to participate and bring back home the trophy.”

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The crew had an early morning start and set off for Galway before sunrise, however they were not alone as student players from across the country were represented. “Apart from DBS, teams that participated in the tournament included students from University College Dublin (UCD), Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and also NUIG themselves. We were grateful because despite having to face top tier opponents, both our teams made it to semi-finals.”

Harris describes a fun-filled day with zero animosity and plenty of community spirit and  sportsmanship. “My favourite part of the tournament was the determination shown by our side even though some of our players were injured - they played with all their heart which led both teams to the semi-finals.”

“Our team ended up placing 3rd and 4th place for futsal and 4th for badminton” he says, however they were not dismayed in the least, having only fond memories of their trip to the West. “Receiving support from our college mates, who literally attended the trip just for the purpose of supporting the players was definitely a thing to appreciate and remember.”

Cheers to that! #TeamDBS #RealiseYourAmbitions 

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