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Clubs & Socs RESTART Day

Student Union 2021_22 Welcome Orientation

It's Fresher's Week at DBS and we are delighted to officially launch our Clubs & Socs Sign Up Day. Due to continued COVID-19 restrictions, we must limit the number of people in one location, so this year's Sign-Up Day will be online, simply fill out our Clubs & Societies 2021/22 - Interest Sheet.

Want to join a club or society?

Joining a Club or Society is the best way to find people who have the same interests, the same skills, and the same passions as you. Meeting people through a Club or Society is not just about making friends either, it is also a great way to network beyond your course, improving your employability and ability to integrate into society too.

New leaders wanted! RESTART initiative

Our team is looking for dedicated students, who are ambitious and passionate about their areas of interests, to contact us. We want the future leaders to step up and make our college experience a vibrant and exciting one.  You can do this by taking charge of a group and helping students unite over an area of common interests.


How do I apply?

All you need to do is reach out to the Student Experience Team or SU Team. You can do this by emailing [email protected] and tell us know what Club or Society you are interested in helping lead this year. We will provide you with all of the training and support you need to succeed!

Each Club and Society has access to college funding to make their plans come to life. Also did you know that the leaders of Clubs & Societies in College, tend to become more employable and functional within the workplace, after they graduate?

Check out some of our Societies who are looking for leadership roles this coming year - view here!

What clubs & socs are there?

Sports Clubs include - Football, Rugby, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Pool, Swimming, Golf, Kayaking, Ultimate Frisbee and much, much more!

Societies include - Fashion Soc, Surf Soc, Law & Debating Soc, Business Soc, Computer Soc, Data Analytics Soc, Investment Soc, Yoga Soc, Consulting Soc, Hiking Soc, Podcast Soc, Food & Drink Soc, Music Soc, Film Soc, Psychology Soc, E-Gamers Soc, LGBTQAI+ Soc, and much, much more!

Be sure to follow DBS Student Experience social channels for the latest information on upcoming college and social events.

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